Text 8 Dec 12.8.13

I hate that feeling of doing nothing when I watch old movies the entire Sunday afternoon. My dissatisfaction is rubbing off on my mood.. hopefully some music will lighten me up. 

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i could actually pull off this exact outfit tomorrow if i wanted to :)

EXOOO heheh at least I’m not the only one who knows them ;)

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Text 26 Nov 11.26.13

What do I do when I’m in a bad mood?
      It’s obvious; I listen to music. Music never fails to do a good job of making me happy. 

Quote 24 Nov
Better is a little with the fear of the Lord, than great treasure & trouble therewith.
— The New England Primer
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Dumb and DUmber play a virtual golf

Text 12 Nov 11.12.13
Today’s date is so special. Notice the consecutive numbers? 
     As you can tell, I’m in a better mood today. Nice music always lifts my mood. Nothing better than some beautiful melodies and voices harmonizing together. Surprisingly, “depressing” songs can be quite cheerful. Here’s my pick of the day: 
Text 11 Nov 11.11.13

I feel like there is no purpose in life. Yet my God still brings me back to Him. Watching my uncle succumb to cancer brings depression into my house. Tv shows and anime temporarily gives me joy, but I wonder how long it’ll keep me going? I wonder when I stop feeling like I’m drowning in everyday, boring life. Life without classmates and teachers, and without the everyday rowdiness of teenagers. I miss school.

Text 5 Aug

Honestly speaking, I hate it when people expect me to be genius and be able to solve anything for them. They don’t believe me until I prove it to them, right after ignoring what I tell them. I guess I just have to look at it positively and think that they do that because they actually believe that I’m a genius. There’s the positive and the negative part of being smart, I suppose. 

Text 29 Jul 7.29.13

     Spent the day daydreaming, as usual. It’s what I do, every day, all the time. And I love it. I’m so glad that I live in a world like this. 


Quote 29 Jul 1 note
A lover of Up is a lover at heart. You are definitely a romantic and a dreamer. You probably have a lot of plans for the future: romantic getaways, adventures all over the world, and outlandish occupations. While others might sit back and say “wouldn’t it be nice,” you’re one of those brave souls who can put a crazy plan into action, because with enough balloons and the right attitude, life can be an adventure.
Text 20 Jul 7.20.13

Praying for a sweet widow who has just had kidney failure two weeks ago.

Text 17 Jul 7.17.13

I hate trips to the dentist. I’ve never liked it there, and I never will. 

Text 7 Jul July 6, 2013

     Just got back a while ago from my cousin Nathan and Sandy’s wedding. It was a really sweet outdoor wedding, with relaxing jazz music in the background. I’d been waiting forever for them two to get married, so I was pretty happy to see the wedding carried out. Otherwise, I’m just a bit tired. I’m still trying to brainstorm some ways to socialize better with people next time. Well, I’m off again, so goodnight. 

Text 6 Jul 1 note

I’m going to miss KC and all my friends there, but boy does it feel good to be back home. #homesweethome

Text 1 Jul 1 note

     I met up with a few of my camp buddies today and had the best time ever! We watched Man of Steel, and I have to say, it was pretty good. My friends and I noticed a ton of parallels between Superman and Jesus, but of course, we could be wrong. It was fun anyways. I dropped by to post a little something for today, but I’m off to finish packing up my stuff. Byeee [:

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